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Tenent moved out early. Wants Deposit.

I rent out a condo in California. My tenent moved out on the 20th of the month during the second month of a 6 month contract. She paid for 2 months in full. She gave me about 10 days notice. I subsequently lost rent for the next month trying to get it rented again. She's claiming she moved out because of health issues caused by her allergies to dogs. She was aware of the unit previously having a dog in it and declined to have it professionally cleaned before move in, which I cant prove in writing, and she also refused a cleaning once she made me aware of a problem, which I can prove in emails. I used EZlandlords basic contract.
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It seems to me that she would be responsible for the unrented month. Be sure to check your states laws on this. This site has a Resource page with links to each state. Was she on a fixed term lease or a month to month? What notice was required under the Lease? Good Luck!
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