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Tenants Divorcing

I am new to being a landlord so I am not so sure what to do here.  My tenants are divorcing and he is moving out of the rental leaving his wife and 2 kids.  He has agreed to pay child support and such but she does not make that much money and I am afraid she might not be able to make rent.  She assures me she can and wants to redo the lease and take him off of it.  Should I do this?  They have been good tenants so far but I am considering letting her out of the lease if she want too because I don't want a situation where she cannot pay rent.  I'm not even sure I can keep him on the lease anymore now that its not his primary residence.  They are about 6 months into a 2 year lease.  Plz help, any advice is much appreciated.
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It is a complicated situation. Anyone can be on a lease, and sometimes a person can be on there just to insure payment. That may be one consideration. Are they at all amicable? Would he agree to stay on the lease as a sort of guarantor?
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