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Too Good to Be True?

I just advertised a house for rent in a resort area this past weekend. My second email reply said he was very interested in a 1-year lease, is moving from England in 2 weeks and to stop advertising; on top of that he said he will pay for the entire year up front in a lump sum payment because he wants no credit checks.  Too good to be true? He says he works for the United Nations and cannot forward any personal information due to security reasons - he will share info in person when he arrives. I'm a natural born cynic. I suppose I'll ask for a substantial down payment to reserve the house for him.  Any thoughts?

Do not let him move in unless he gives you cash. There are scammers out there who give false "certified funds and/or money orders. Before you know it-he will be all moved in and you will be forced to possibly evict him. I would continue marketing the rental as well. I do believe that "If it is too good to be true, it probably is". GOod luck.
First of all, the "no credit check" should be a tip that this is not a good situation. I would not entangle myself in this, no matter how good it appears.
For Jim R -- how did this situation pan out?  I am in a similar situation right now - tenant moving from UK - gave me a link to his company's website and said his company would be paying for rental and he would sign a lease when he arrives.  Also asked me to remove rental ad - has not said whether or not we can run a cedit check but the website for his company ( says that the company closed in Feb. 2006.  Not really sure how to check credit for someone overseas, but we will be speaking with him tomorrow morning.  Just curious what happened with your situation
smells like a SCAM to me.  Beware.
I had one time a person said he was in the witness protection program and no other details at this time YOU BETTER BE CARFUL THESE PEOPLE COULD BE ANYBODY . See if the phone number is from England. No background check leaves you blind Once you hand over the Keys they have possession. Somthing is fishy and not fish and chips
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