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Problems with propery management and renters

My 28yr old son has lived in my rental for over a year. He rarely pays rent on time, sometimes not in full and he invites his friends to move in.  I hired a property management, so that they could help me with this. This is my first month with them and I've advertised for new renters, have gotten quite a few responses, have passed them on to the property management company and haven't heard a word from them.  In the meantime, I'm losing $ by having my son living in there for free and since I know there are people out there interested in the property,it could be rented and I wouldn't be losing the $ every month.  Please advise me as to what to do with the new property management company and also what to do with my son. My son and I do not have a lease agreement at this time. It has expired.  Thank you!
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It is very hard dealing with family members when they are our tenants. My number one rule is that I will not rent to friends or family. If you desire to evict your son, then I would go through the court system by sending proper notice as required by your state and then filing for eviction. Did you sign a property management agreement with the property management company? If you did, then I would notify them im writing of your dissatisfaction. If they are not living up to their part of the contract, I think I would fire them. Until you rectify the issues with your son, you really are not in a positon to re-rent. I think I would concentrate on that first. Good Luck! I have 5 kids of my own and just getting them to pay their portion of their bills is like pulling teeth, LOL
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