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How to Screen Tenants??

I am about to purchase a house and rent it out.  I will be screening prospective tenants as well.  I have a connection for credit history to use as the screening process.  How do I find out eviction history??

A good way to accomplish this is to gather past landlord info and send notices to inquire about resident history. There is such a notice on this web-site or you can make phone calls. A credit report may also show evictions if the Tenant has been through the court system in the way of a judgement.
Receive the permission to obtain a credit report, or inform the tenant that you will do so. That will give insight into the perspective tenants. Most people have some bumps in the road, but major trends should show you something!
We get permission to obtain a credit report and use for credit reports.
Thanks all very helpful.
Are you asking verbal permission or do you need written permission?
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