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Tenant arrested

A tenant in one of our properties has been arrested.  Obviously he's not going to be able to pay the rent...How would you handle this?

I actually had this happen. You still need to go through the proper steps for eviction in your state. Check your state's statutes as there may be quicker ways to do this since illegal activity may be going on. not assume that just because he is arrested that you can just lock him out and get rid of his belongings! You must go through the proper channels or else you could end up having more trouble on your hands. Good luck!
last point excellent
Arrested or convicted?  My best friend was once arrested for something she did not do - and was found innocent at her trial.  I know that there are many slime balls out there but SOME may not be. (Of course if they are slime balls you will probably already be having other troubles with them!)
Do not be so sure that your tenant will not be able to pay their rent.  Many folks who get arrested are allowed to make bail and are thus out of jail while they await their trial.  This allows them to continue working and be able to pay their rent.
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