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Efficiency/Studios Occupency

Some of the buildings I manage have efficiencies and studios.  I manage in the state of Florida. I have been leary of renting to prospective tenants that are a couple with children because I believe that an efficiency or a small studio is not adequate space for 2 adults and a child. Now I am being harrassed verbally saying that I am opposed to renting to children which is not the case. I am just trying to do what is right with the space I have available and I do not want Department of Children and Families to come back on me for renting a unit too small for a family.  Can someone give me the facts in Florida???

It is a very  good question and I will be anxious to hear the answer. I am sorry I am not in Florida. One idea is to call your local Code Enforcement or building code department, and get information from them on square footage per person. Here in our part of Pennsylvania, some muncipalities have guidelines on number of people and square footage. This could bolster your idea that the unit is just too small for three people, and it has nothing to do with a child! Good luck.
James, Thank you so much. Great Advice and I just happen to have a business card from a local Code Enforcement Officer. I will share what information I am given within this forum for others to view. Again Thank you for your reply. All is appreciated.
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