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want to evict

We have only one rental property. The renters have been in the house for more than two months and have not had the electricity put in their name yet. The rent has been late for july, august and now september is not paid yet. when we called we were told "the check is in the mail." i do not see a form for eviction due to not getting utilities turned on in your name. i would like to start eviction process as soon as possible. suggestions?

The electric comsumption that has been used thus far may be added to the rent amount owed. You may then send a 7 day notice for "Demand for Possession, Non-Payment of Rent, Landlord-Tenant (dc100a.pdf)" which can be found on the Michigan State Court site - . If your tenants do not pay within the 7 days, you may then go to court to file for their eviction.   Do you have a written lease? What does it say about the utilities? Are the utilities still in your name?   This site has a very good Lease and documents to protect the landlord.   Good Luck! Let me know how things work out.
It is important in any eviction process to check what the lease says. That gives you the basis to work from. These documents in this site are the best and really do provide the information you need to be successful.
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