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Hi everyone!   My tenant made repairs earlier this year. The tenant now wishes to adjust this amount against January's rent. Is this legally allowed? My lease agreement with my tenant does not make this situation clear.   Any suggestions or comments welcome!   Thanks!   Wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you too! Did the tenant notify you of any of the repairs. Were the repairs of an emergency nature? or necessary? Does your Lease specify anything about improvements or repairs? I use the ez Lease which specifies that the tenant must notify me before performing any repair. I would think if there is no clause of any kind in your Lease about repairs, then you would have to decide how much of a fight you want on your hands. If the repairs were just an improvement, I think I would fight the tenant on this but if it was of a definite need, I think I would let it go as long as the cost was not bloated. Maybe you can meet your tenant halfway, and split the cost. Good luck!
These offsets are legally allowed, but the difficult part may be in deciding what amount to credit. It makes the most sense to work it out, so best wishes!
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