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Living in couple and one moved out

Hi- I have rented to a couple that is not married, both signed the lease for 1 yr. The man moved back to his mothers house but has only taken a couple days of clothes with him, he has told her that he cannot live with her because of the divorce he is going through-visitation and all...But he also has said his name is on the lease.  My question is, should I leave him on the lease or have him sign off, and start a new one for her.  It has only been two weeks that they have moved in and he has been gone 4 days.
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I personally would leave him on the lease until a request is made by both parties to have him removed. It is a bit of extra security for you in case the tenant that currently lives there violates the lease or does not pay rent. As long as he is on the Lease - he is still fully responsible no matter where he is physically living.
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