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Help with Problem Tenant

my tenant asked to be let out of his lease three months after he moved in we  signed a paper saying we would let him out of his lease is that consider a legal document to let him out of his lease and also is he responsible for fixing any holes in the wall and painting where he has hung things on the walls without permission and also we told him he had to pay his rent and could not use his security for his last months rent but he hasnt paid rent yet and I need to know what I can do

If your tenant hasn't paid rent I would think you want to let them out of the lease and property. Yes the tenant is responsible for holes in the wall and what ever other damage they my have caused. If you ask me the sooner the tenant moves out the better. You can file for eviction at anytime and end up with a judgment against the tenant, even if they move out.
It may be time to cut your losses and let the tenant depart. It doesn't sound like he has been a good tenant, especially with the wall holes. I would agree that eviction here is the way to go. Best wishes.
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