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repainting and replacing carpet

Assuming there were no holes and no defacements to the  wall's, and that there were no stains on the carpets...   At what point would you expect to naturally have to paint the walls -  and replace carpet (considering furniture impressions and traffic areas, etc)...due to normal wear and tear...?   After 1 year...after 2 years...after 3 years...after 4 years...after 5 years?

Hi, Joe.  Great question, and it really does depend on type and wear. Painting should be done more frequently--maybe every three years or so, maybe up to five. Carpeting, if it is of a good quality, could go a little longer.
I usually paint in between tenants if they are in a unit for 1 year or more or if it is obvious that the walls need painting. Carpeting is expensive. I try to get as much use as possible. If there are no stains or damages, I usually shampoo to get ready for the next tenant. A tip: Using a good plush padding actually preserves the carpet making it last longer. I was given this tip by a carpet installer and he was right! I definitely got more use out of carpeting when I used a better quality padding.
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