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What purchase amount is good 4 a LL

Hi prosperous people.  I am new and excited having read several forums and LL investing books & about to make 1st investment.  Math is not my best quality however, I do understand cash flow and net operating cost etc but I do not know what purchase price to invest in a property according to rents & expenses.  I would like a formula where I could input the numbers and come up with the maximum purchase amount in relation to rents and expenses to make profit.  Sorry I know I should be able to gather this information from what I read but I  need it spelled out in simple language Thanks, good karma
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Some landlords use the 1% rule. Which means that if you pay $100,000 for a property you should receive $1,000 in rent. I think that is a good basic formula to go by. I use the formula on this site under resources. With this formula you can compare several properties price/rent and find out which one provides the best return.
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