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Eviction for Crminal activity

Our tenants were involved with a gun fight at our property. We want to evict them immediately. Can we collect rent for one month after they are evicted?

Check with your Maryland statutes (can be found on this site). If your Lease has a clause in it that prohibits criminal activity, you may be able to start eviction immediately. However, many states find that when a tenant becomes a danger to the property, there are avenues to evict immediately. Let me know how you make out and good luck.
Can we just write a letter of eviction or do we need to go through the court system to start the eviction process?
I would strongly suggest checking out your local laws but you cannot take matters in your own hands. You can, however, send a letter of warning in the manner prescribed by yor local Landlord/Tenant statutes. Here is a good resource: - I believe that all forms of eviction must have notice first.
I think you would not have a problem in court; get your paperwork in order from the police department; speak with an attorney in a consultation.  May have to cut your losses just to have peace of mind if they are not willing pay.  I hope it's not a lot of money owed to you.  Good Luck!
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