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problem with landlord

my lanlord keeps accusing me and my wife of doing drugs. He states that he gets a sweet sickening smell at around 2 am every night.we are already asleep at this time as we both work in the morning. we have tried to identify this odor although it can not be smelled on our half of double only his.He accuses us every night saying that we are doing drugs.I have even gotten to the point of telling him that we are all willing to go take a drug test.What can i do the next time he accuses us?

It sounds like he is looking for an excuse to make you move out or have grounds for an eviction. The next time he accuses you and your wife of the same, tell him to call the police or you will for harassment. Good luck.
My belongings have been moved to the garage by the owner. He states that he is now in my bedroom and that if i want back in the house, i have to sleep in his bed with him! He has caused me to become homeless and he has all of my belongings. What can I do?
Hi this is a sign that drugs are being used.Maybe it's a smell from outside.Maybe it's your other neighbors that are doing drugs. But the sweet smell is a sign of drugs being smoked.
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