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Is Tenant Due Refund

I have a tenant that signed an agreement on 2/9 for move-in on a 12 month lease starting 3/1. To secure the property and take it off the market, I was given a $600 downpayment, since the tenant did not have $1245 for security deposit and 1st month rent.  Today I received a phone call advising the family would not be moving in due to a family medical situation with another relative.  I advised I had taken my property off the market based on the executed contract and had lost potential renters. Advise the should take posssesion as agreed or forefeit downpayment. Is Tenant due Refund?

I would not give back the $600.00.  I would just contact an attorney and ask the question.  Even it they charge you a small fee would be worth it to get rid of them.
I used an agency and paid them 1 months rent. About 8 weeks later I get a call that the tenant has to break the lease, an out of state family emeregency.  She can't speak and has a family member call and then email me telling me she agrees to forfeit her 2 months security and she can't sublet it becasue she is out of town. Her boyfriend is still living there with the dog. I found a new tenant and now she wants her security back. Do I have to give it to her?
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