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lower rent exchanged for maintenance

i have a verbal agreement with the tennant that the rent would be reduced and he would take care of all maintence and repair.  he installed a central heat/ac unit and now wants me to pay for it.  he is threatening to take me to court. i live in florida
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Did your agreement include the supplies? Does he want you to pay for the unit or for installing. It is so important to use a Lease that would describe the situation in order to prevent this type of problem. Taking care of maintenance and repair and improvements are two different situations. Maybe you could discuss splitting the cost to avoid a court appearance. I would highly suggest, after you resolve this situation, getting this tenant and all future tenants on a written Lease. Check the "Resources tab" in the web-site for a link to your state Landlord/Tenant regulations. you may find answers there as well. Good luck!
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