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Irrational Tenants

I recently moved in Feb. a family with 5 kids; the couple saw the property in its previous condition & wanted to take it; it was explained to them that work still had to be done.  To date the only remaining work that I am aware of is cosmetic stuff on the inside.  I have tried my best to get work done in the house.  The tenant has threatened to take pictures & take me to court. I told her to go ahead!  "I have been trying to get work done.  I'll call for estimates people will come by or take forever to give me an estimate for minor work.  I had plumbing work done prior to their move-in; which I have corrected many times so I lost alot of money here; thus causing me not to be able to complete other repairs around the house.  She currently has a DHS case the boyfriend is on house arrest.  I dont' want to deal with them because they are irrational.  So if I go there; there would probably be an altercation because of the mentality of the two, which I was unaware of prior to.
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