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Irate Tenant

I have a tenant that sent me an email about some things that the downstairs tenant had complained about.  I sent the upstairs tenant an email and said "IF" you are doing these things, to please stop or correct these things.  I explained in the email that I am proactive in these matters and can only say what is the problem and "if" you are doing, blah, blah.  She sent me back an email and said that if a resolution was not reached, that she was breaking her lease, which her lawyer said she could do, and she is moving.  She had also complained that the carpet in the apartment needs to be replaced.  I have a move in and move out report that says it is faded.  Code enforcement didn't have a problem with it.  I basically said that I will replace it only as acourtesy.Now I'm thinking that I won't because she is going to be such a pain in the rearend.  What do I do?
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I'm sure she looked at the carpet before she moved in and did not complain then,right? And if you are like me, you will replace it just to have her ruin it before she moves out!!The carpet in my rental is only 5 years old and you should see it! No one respects other peoples property. Do we as Landlords have as many rights as the tenants? I think not, from what I have researched. Good luck!
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