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Becoming The new owner - Our rights to Change the rent & Rules

We are planning to by a House with 11 rental mobile homes 5 are rented now by the week. The other are empty & need repirWe are just replacing some of them - we dont want to be slim loards. The husbsnd past away & The wife cant do it. These are rented for 100.00 per week there water sewer & trash are included Plus she is paying the 1st 100.00 of there elect. after insurance & taxes, There is very little profit 1 repair would eat that up. I dont think it is fair that one may have 5 people & another has 1 person But yet they pay the same. How should we base the rent rate. There is one mobile home that is owned & they just pay lot rent of 150.00 per month w/ with all that is included with the rent they live there for free. This home is unlivable & unfixable They just dont care - with trash pilled up all around the mobile. The realtor told us to just get them out and tell them they must move it. What are our rights in doing that. How do we go about it. We are investing everything we have.
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First - are any of these tenants on a written Lease? Is there a mobil home lot lease for the tenant who rents the lot only? If there is then you must follow the guidleines set forth in the leases. If there are rules regarding the condition of the lot - then you may send notice according to your states landlord tenant laws. I believe you first must give themthe chance to clean it up or remedy the situation. If you want to increase rent, you must also give proper notice according to the Lease and landlord tenant regualations.
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