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Tenant Sub-Leased property without consent

I have a 1 year lease signed with 4 people as of October 2006. Just came to find out that one person has already moved out and had someone else move in taking their place. Now another tenant wants to move out and has found someone to take their place. I only found out by getting a call from an apartment complex doing a reference check. Being that the lease has been broken am I able to have the new parties sign a new month to month agreement and the old lease is just void? What do I need to do in order to document this would written conversation logs be enough to cover myself?
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I would contact the tenants and let them know preferably in writing that you are aware of a change. Warn them that the change needs to be approved. Have them come in and either sign a new Lease or have an addendum drawn up. MAke sure that your Lease has a clause in it that Sub-Leasing is only permitted with your premission.
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