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commercial steel doors  vs. the police

I had the police over recently to serve a search warrent on two of my tennants. They busted in two fire rated steel commercial type doors. Now that those tennants are gone the destruction remains. I got a quote on replacements, and talk about sticker shock $1000.00 per door and lock set. Needless to say I strated trying to repair instead, which I actually did a pretty good job on the door. (using autobody filler on the steel, alot of c-clamps, and some enginuity) My problem now is the lock set which apparently is about half the $1000 cost each. they are those ruswin corbin mortise type locks. (you know the little rectangular package that slides into the door end. Has anybody ever tried to fix these when they get bent. If I can fix it all I need to do is replace the knob. and yes under code these need to be fire doors and replacing them with cheaper home depot fire doors without replacing the other 8 would look like crap.
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