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Buying Rentals in Mount Pleasent TN & We need some input

Hi We are looking to buy a house w/ rental mobile homein Mount Pleasant. They are rented out by the week but they have been there for a couple of years. They are charged $100.00 a week & there water & sewer is included (about 90.00 for each unit) plus the owner now (& has been for as long as its been there) pays the 1st 100.00 of there elect. each month. Plus Taxes & insurance What is the going rental rates & what included these days? There are 2 that we would pull out & replace (we dont want to be slumlords)But there is very little income coming out of this the way it is now -  Is it fair that 1 person pays the 100.00 week & a family of 5 pay 100.00 a week? We think w/ the water & sewer included the more people the more they should pay? less for 1 person. So If there is any one who has some info I would be glad to hear from you. or if you know of a website i can go to for the Laws & rules of renting out. I would be investing everything I have & need to do it right. Thanks a bunch
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