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New Roomie Refuses to Leave

I posted an ad on Craigslist to get a new roommate, finally finding somebody at the last minute. I ended up having to rush further since this gentleman needed a place immediately, ending up with only a loose agreement that he was to pay 400 a month straight up front. He is not on my  new lease, I only had to list him as an authorized roommate since he was staying for more than a few days. The landlord was pretty cool about letting me know that was the way to go so he would not be entitled to stay or have the same rights as myself who actually paid the deposits and is responsible for all payments.  He has fallen through on every attempt to get the $400, he did give me $200 and kept promising new dates to have it, even having me drive him to pick the money up only to disappear. Now all the bills are behind and when told to pay or leave in 3 days he informed me "I have 30 buddy." We have no formal lease, he never fulfilled the initial agreement and I am to broke to go to court. Help!
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IF the landlord tenant law in your state requires a 30 day notice than nost likely, that is what your going to have to do. It sounds like you have someone who has been through the system in this type of situation before. There are some states that have different requirements, however to a roommate situation. Try checking with your local housing agency, Attorney General's office or even your local authorities such as the police to see if your have any other recourse. Good luck.
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