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Sec 8 tenant not vacating

In regards to my sec 8 tenant in IL suburbs. I served her a notice that her lease will not be renewing at the end of June 08 on May 07, 08. She has created a lot a problems including false request for service to our condo association for repairs etc. She said that she would leave beginning of June but now she wants to stay. Instead of calling and explaining this to me, she called the village and complained that I am forcing her to move out against her will. She has stopped my section 8 payments, nor paying on her own as well. What rights do I have and what should be done?
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There are usually representatives or assistants assigned to section 8 recipients. i would contact that authroity right away and explain your situation. Keep calling them, sometimes it is hard to get through (government agency) but they are there to assist. Let them direct you in the proper procedures.
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