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water line repair--notice?

My husband was informed by a neighbor landlord that a water line was leaking on one of our properties.  When my husband went to inspect it, he saw he could repair it in a few minutes.  Without thinking about it he turned the water off and fixed the line. Now one of the renters is saying she wants her deposit back and a months rent or she will sue us for damages for her being inconveinenced.  What should I do?   P.S.  No notice was given that water would be shut off, he just fixed it on the spur of the moment.

I do nont think that your tenant will have a leg to stand on. The inconvenience was what? If the electricity goes down, we all can't sue the electricity company. Water leaking can be considered an emergency, and under emergency sitautions in most cases, notice is not required.
What inconvenience?  From your description it sounds as if the water supply was off for only a few minutes.  Again, this would be considered an emergency situation and in such cases, notice is not required.  Gail
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