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Late Fee Charges

What is a reasonable amount to charge for late fees?  I am charging 600. a month for rent in Oklahoma.

In Oklahoma late fees should be directly related to the costs incurred of the rent being late. It seems that in my experience 5-10% is usually pretty customary.
Is it ok to raise someones rent due to upkeep on property?
As long as it falls within the lease. Usually you cannot increase rent on a tenant during the term. but you can however usually notify your tenant ahead of time (the amount of time varies according to the location of the rental property and the length of the tenancy) in order to give tenant time to accept the new rent or move.
what is acceptable late fee to charge in missour? i usually charge 5.00 per day, doesnt mean i get it. ha  do you stop that charge after so many days or continue it till rent is paid?
do i have to give a 5 day notice of paying in full including late fees or can i just tell them this is their 30 day eviction notice and send them a copy?
I am charging $50 in Kansas on a $1600/month unit
utilities were not put in the tenants name therefore I was still paying utilities. the tenant finally put in their name but they still owe me 300.00 for payment of utilities.
Barbara: If it is in the agreement or lease that the tenant is responsible for the utilites, then they areing  responsible for paying them. I would send a notice that they have the $300 still due.
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