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Addendum for New Tenant on Existing lease? (swap room mates)

Is there an Addendum OR Notice that I should have everyone sign when part of the tenants move out (and new tenants back-fill as room mates)?   My concern is based on if there are any issues (breaking the lease terms) OR at the end of thier stay regarding security deposit.  BACKGROUND:  My tenants (3 individuals)signed a 12-month lease that automatically extends "mo. to mo." (and they pay the rent w/ 1 check).// At the 10th month, one tenant moved out and was replace with a new tenant. // Now at the 13th month, another original tenant has moved out and another new tenant has moved in.  All new tenants have filled out a rental application (and have good references/credit).  I have only ever collected 1 security deposit when the original 3 tenants signed the 12-month lease.  If any one has a form/addendume that they have used in the past for this situation it would be greatly appreciated.
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Yes.  You should write up an Addendum.  The wording of it depends on whether you addressed sub-leasing in your original lease.
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