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New tenant

I have a new tenant, paid 6 months in advanced. Newly divorced, good credit, good rental history. The ? is the owner lives near by and is complaining she had ex husband spending the night,her answers was yes he spend the night brought there daughter back from camping trip. and he did  squealing his tires when he leaves. She has 2 kids. I did ? her on the car she said he did the first night, but not the next was someone down the street. So I am in a hard place wondering what grounds do I have per owner to give her all money back and ask to leave now? My other tenant have not complaint. Any helpful help what to do in this situation. live in california. Thanks

Have you warned your tenant about the noise or the nuisance? I would try that first.
If the lease is signed there is no way to back out but you can decline now before it is signed. Good luck.
you can do an amendment for the increase.  Now are you adding the roommate to the lease?  So they are your tenant or is the tenant going to deal with the roommate and collect their part of the rent(sublease).  If you're going to let the tenant sublease you should still do a background check and you may want to help the tenant create their lease.   If your adding the roommate to your lease I'd do a new one use a roommate addendum like the one on here.  In the new lease you should just be able to add in the statement "all other leases/agreements are null and void."
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