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original tenant moved out, husband wants to renew lease

My original tenant(wife) moved out because of divorce, but her husband wants to renew the lease.  The husband was not in the original application and have no details or financial info about him.  should i treat him as a new tenant applying for a new lease? Do i need to give him an application and approve him based on his financial capacity? When i renew the contract last time, i included the husbands name on the lease bec ive notice that the husband was staying with her.
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I would definitley treat this as a new applicant. make sure and conduct all the background checks you would normally do. If he is financially sound then make a new Lease in his name only. May be a good idea to make sure that you include in your lease a clause that makes the tenants advise youif anyone new is moving in. The Lease on this site includes that. This was you are protected.
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