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I need to evict

I rented the bonus room over my garage to a woman who signed a 6 month l ease.  She has become imtimately involved with the man who moved into the basement apartment 2 months ago.  Since then she has become increasingly difficult, demanding that I clean the skimmers in the pool daily.  At one point screaming at him to get "rid of it" when I was speaking with him and she was in his unit.  It is getting to the point that I am uncomfortable in my own home.  How do I get her out?  I used the lease agreement provided by this site. LRS Marietta GA

She is in violation of her lease where it says you can not disturb neighbors
Am I the neighbor???
In order to proceed with anything - you must first see what exactly she has violated. After that, you can send a notice that she is in violation of the lease for whatever reason. If she continues to violate, you may proceed with proper eviction procedures within your state. The other thing you can do is not renew the lease. I do not know how long you have left on the lease but it may be easier to go that route.
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