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Choosing between 2 tenants

I have two applications to choose from, both have bad credit, what else should I be looking for to help make the best choice

Ultimately you would like your applicants to possess decent credit. But if conditions do not exist and you are forced to choose from less than credit worthy prospects; the first BIG red flag to me is if they have any evcitions or judgements from prior renting; another red flag is if they are behind on utility payments. usually when a prospect falls behind on utility payments they tend not to take their obligations seriously. I will sometimes ignore medical bills if everything else is paid. Have your prospects provide you with paystubs, rent receipts and compare income to debt. The one that contains more income, less debt and the better of credit would be the one I would go with. You can also consider getting a co-signor.
Thank you for all your advice. I have not yet received all that you described but I will be sure to get that. I know one's credit is bad do to losing a house. The other I am not sure yet, we haven't looked up their credit, but they both told us they have bad credit. Can you suggest a place to check their credit.
I have used NTN at or I have asked the tenant to forward me thier credit report, themselves. This site has a free rental application. Make sure you ahve your tenant fill out an application. Good luck!
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