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Paranoid tenant

An 83 year old woman rented my condo after being evicted from her apartment in the same unit because they are converting them all to condos for sale.  She was not happy about it.  She consistantly is calling with the smallest issues and now says it is too damp in the condo and we need to buy her a dehumidifier.  We lived there previously and never had an issue.  They were gutted and rebuilt 2yrs ago.  Are we obligated to buy this for her? (there isn't mold or anything and i've been back and I feel no issue in the condo)

Oh, you said it was gutted?    You should be concerned as to WHY it was gutted?  Often landlords / building owners rip out the old walls but fail to replace galvanized piping.  So the fact it was gutted and an older building is a red flag.
You know, if she IS having a humidity problem, do yourself a favor.  Stop by at the "usual time" it's at it's worst.  Find out if she's been cooking soups or taking long showers.     Here's why.  Humidity can be a sign of a water leak.   If the water leak is making the place muggy enough that she's complaining just imagine what it's doing to your investment.     So before even talking about using a possible dehumidifying band-aid, take a serious look for any water stains.  You may find like many that the battle only cost them more in the long run.
To the previous reply. When you rent just give the basics.Anything extra let the tenant pay for it.
2008/08/21 Hi Sean B. I have tenants who in 7 years I have replaced a working toilet, water heater,  furnace, and driveway to name a few things - all because of "what if ...".  The toilet didn't shut off once, so I put in a new one.  The furnace clicked once when it started up -- what if it didn't start in the middle of winter ... So I put in a brand new one.  The water heater worked fine, but it was 7 years old what if it leaked?  So I put in a new one. The driveway needed patching, but they didn't want bits of tar tracked into the house so I paid for a new driveway!  Here's the killer -- he called me in a panic because the roof leaked during a bad rainstorm. The water poured in through the bedroom ceiling ruining a priceless antique dresser & he said the ceiling has to be replaced - so I spent thousands to put on a new roof! And a coat of paint on the bedroom ceiling would have been fine! Be careful! Don't develop high expectations! Then the demands escalate! With no thanks!
It seems to me that you are under no obligation to provide a dehumidifier. But sometimes for the sake of making a good tenant happy, I will go that extra step.
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