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Notice to vacate

I've had the same tenants for 6 years, they started with a 1 year lease that became a month to month after the 1st year.  My daughter sold her house and will need the apartment.  I'm giving tenants 30 days notice.  I'm also hoping they will comply and be out in 30 days.  Any suggestions?

I believe in NJ, the landlord must give a tenant 30 full days notice to vacate. If for some reason yur tenant does not respond to the thirty days, I am afraid you may have to seek court assistance. Good luck with this and hopefully your tenant will respond positively.
If he abondoned the apartment but left all the keys and you have a withness to this you should be ok.. If no key was given to you then you need to go thru the process and get them legally evicted from your house or you can be sued for illegally ..eviction.. This happen to me in march..  Good luck!!
You cannot break a lease even to move back in. You can draw up a mutual break of lease that both parties would need to agree to. You must honor the full contract or you, the landlord, would be in breach of contract
You can send out the notice just make sure to have the full 30 days that they have the right to have to move out. Even if they are moving out before that date. If you do not have the full 30 days you will be violating their rights.
Do you have a written agreement with the care giver ?  At the time you informed such care giver verbally is the time which a written notice should of been given , informing her that her services would no longer be needed beginning on a certain date, informing her the house will be locked up after a certain date because your FIL will be moving to another state.  I hope this women can be trusted, I would be worried about items walking out the door. The question is:  Is this caregiver a tenant or a caregiver for your FIL? It seems she is caring for your FIL in exchange for room & board, no monies for rent are being exchanged, there-fore, how can she be a tenant?  More info is needed. If not sure, contact your local tenant/landlord board with in the city which your FIL resides, they are able to give you direction, it is free.  Or, consult a local attorney, some do offer free advice upon consultation.
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