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Tenant won't sign for Certified mail

Tenant will not return calls or take Certified mail.What next? Says they can stay,till July 15 rent free.I gave 60 days move out notice(which would be July15).Tenant has been late on rent and not paid late fees still owedNow one month late again,sense receiving Move-out notice.

I do not understand what you mean they can stay till July 15th rent free. Then what is it that they are behind on?
Tenant feels they don't have pay anymore rent and stay in the house,till July 15,. Behind March late fees and May ,plus June rent
If you are sending them the 10 day notice and they are not signing for the certified mail, try hand delivering it or posting it on the property. If there still isn't any response then take the paperwork from the post office and the notes for all of the attempts you have made to deliver to court with you. This should show the judge that you have made every attempt possible.
Use Priority Mail with proof of delivery.  I once had a tenant who would not sign for it, but my proof of delivery held up in court.
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