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No Pet violation

I have a tenant in Alabama that has broke her lease for an unauthorized pet, This large dog has clogged the air conditioning filters with hair and i had to pay $100.00 for repairs. Can i take this from her deposit for now eviction has started. I sent her a certified letter to get the dog out and posted one on the door. She does none of the requirements on the lease-like cutting grass. I also send a certified letter about lawn violations-8 days later i had to pay to get the grass cut. she had not cut the grass in 3 weeks,  can i also take this fee from her deposit? The lease does state to changed the air conditionings filters.
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You want to make sure you itemize all of the deductions and be prepared to show receipts and evidence. Just in case your tenant denies or argues the point. I always take pictures and document everything! If you end up in court, your chances are greater if you can back up everything.
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