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How do I go about "evicting" tenants....I own a one-family home that I have been renting for the past few years, now I am ready to either move back into the property or sell the home.  It's proving to be difficult because I'm not sure how to approach it... the people that occupy are "friends" and I don't want to be harsh about it! They only pay the amount of the mortgage and I'm renting an apartment that costs more to rent than my mortgage.  We don't have anything written as to a lease or land contract should I look into these options now?  I've just come to realize that why should I have to rent and they get to live cheaper than I do in my "home".
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Well considering they are friends, I would be honest with them. Give them more than adequate notice so that they can find another place. Hopefully, you will not have to go about evicting them as that is a sure way to kill the friendship. I would also talk to them but follow it up with a formal written notice to vacate so if they are unreasonable, then you have the recourse to evict. New York has different notice and eviction procedures depending on where the property is located. Check with your local housing agency for exact requirements.
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