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Evicting possible Drug Dealer from Property

I just received notice from the local police that a fight was reported at the house I'm renting out. Upon arrival, the cops caught and arrested someone in the alley running from the property who had a substantial amount of drugs in their possession.I also just found out the cops have been watching the house for a couple of months due to noise complaints, ran the tags on a few cars parked and found out they belonged to drug dealers/gang members.State law says they can't search the house w/o probable cause. What can I do?! Can I find a buyer for the house and give notice like that without them knowing I know the truth?
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If there are police reports of nuisance complaints, you may give proper notice and start eviction proceedings just on that. How long is the lease? How much notice does your lease say you must give to your tenant? If it is a month to month, then maybe you should give notice that you are not renewing and they need to leave at the end of the current lease?
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