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Damage To Rental and Breaches Lease

I had a renter that had signed a two year lease and was interested in purchasing my property at the end of the lease.  The documents were all included in the lease.  She ran into financial issues and was trying to find a way out of her lease and caused damage to my condo by removing the condensation pipe from the heater/ac unit from the drain and allowing it to run out onto the carpet and damaging it.  There was also major marks on the walls and holes in the walls from moving.  Orange pop stain on the living room carpet.  Oil spilt in the kitchen cupboard and left there.  This rental was in immaculate condition when she moved in.  What do I need to do or file in the state of Michigan to recoup some of my money or what are my legal rights?
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The security deposit must be refunded within 30 days after the termination of occupancy.   In cases of damage to the rental unit or other obligation against the security deposit, the landlord shall mail to the tenant within 30 days, an itemized list of damages claimed against the security deposit, including the estimated cost of repair. The list shall be accompanied by a check or money order for the difference between the damages claimed and the amount of the security deposit held by the landlord. The notice of damages must include the following statement in which shall be at least 4 points larger than the body of the notice:  “You must respond to this notice by mail within 7 days after receipt, otherwise you will forfeit the amount claimed for damages."   It would be a good idea to take pictures and have estimates or receipts for repairs. If the tenant does not pay for any damages that exceeded the security if any, you then hae the option to sue in small claims court.
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