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violation of lease eviction

I have a tentant who has violated just about everything on the lease agreement. Every week it's another drama and since they been there mid april i have sunk $2500 in repairs.They had the utilies in my name for 2 months and it was hell to get payment. They even had the nerve to question the amount. They have ruined the carpet in 4 months (it's 3 year old) dirty dishes in the oven in the sink all over the counters food left out for days. In the bedrooms you couldn't even walk through them. The bounced a water check now they decided to pay the rent 4 days late! I am just trying to cover the morgtage. I am losing $ anyways even with a good tentant. Now i am left with out rent and it has been deducted from my checking leaving me no grocerie money for my family.I am thinking of putting the house on the market but how could i show it with them there? I would be embrassed since i live in a small town. I am going to an attrony & see if i can get them out. Any advice?
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First and foremost, whenever there are problems with a tenant it is important to document EVERYTHING! This means not only each time you speak with them verbally but always follow up with a notice of violation, spelling out exactly what the violation is. Keep copeis for your records. This website has such notices. Are they on a month to month lease or is it a fixed term lease such as an annual lease? If it is month to month, simply give them the required notice as spelled out in the lease. If they do not vacate after the notice period, you can then start procedures for eviction.
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