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Demand or Quit Timing

The demand letter must give how many days to pay or quit?
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Colorado Guidelines for the Eviction Process:
Non-Payment of Rent: Prior to filing a suit to evict a tenant for non-payment of rent the landlord must give a 3 day demand for rent or possession. If the tenant fails to pay or move within the 3 day period, the landlord may file an eviction action on the 4th day.  Other Violations: 3 days notice to cure the violation or vacate is required for all other lease violations.  Please Note: If a second violation of the same kind or a substantial violation occurs; then a 3 day notice is all that is required and there is no opportunity to cure.  Important: The opportunity to cure must always be given if the violation is non-payment of rent and for first time lease violations.  Notices must be posted and then mailed.
  If the tenant fails to comply, after the 3 days have elapsed, the landlord may file in court for a tenant’s eviction.
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