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Can My Tenant Refuse To Pay The Rent Increase?

Hi, I'm from California and I do only month-to-month rental agreement.  I have not raised rent for 2 yrs. and I pay for utilities, and my property is not a rent controlled area.   On 9/2, I recently sent a proper 30 days notice to a tenant for I increased her rent 10%. This 17th, she sent me a long letter stating that she will not honor the October rent increase. This is because, on the rental agreement that we boh signed 2 years ago, I stated that I will give her 2 months notice of increase (I was ignorant about the law then). Should I follow my own agreement, eventhough, I was ignorant about the law then or should I insist on the CA law allowing me to only give 30 days notice when the rent increase rate is only 10%? Please help. I also have additional questions, but my message is limited. Thank you!
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If you have a tenancy for more than 1 year, I believe in California you are required to give a 60 day notice.
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