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eviction stopped by bankruptcy

I have the tenants from HELL. Followed attorney advice sent notice to cease then notice to quit. in the meantime I was not getting rent ,attorney told me I still had to follow these steps.tenant filed chapter13,eviction cancelled,now owe me 3 months which will be put in the bankruptcy.but I was evicting for other reasons?Its a month to month lease,in NJ, can I increase their rent? anything special I need to know, if I except rent for I loose my notice to quit served in June.I wanted to send a notice that I wanted to move in the house & willing to do so, my attorney told me not to.can I still do that? can I put the house up for sale? These people are poison & I need them out of my life.
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A difficult tenant can definitely be made worst with a bankruptcy. It becomes very complicated and well worth not only the advice of an attorney but his handling of such a case. Making the wrong decision or move could only prolong your agony in this situation. I am sorry and wish you the best of luck.
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