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Move-out Questions

My tenant is moving out tomorrow. I know & she knows that the property was in perfect condition when she moved in.(house was built in 2003 & she moved in 2006. I lived there all by myself with my dog. There were no wear & tear, it looked just like a brand new home).  We will do move-out walk through but I am not so sure what I should consider wear & tear. Last time when I checked the property, all the walls were chiped pretty bad, black marks all over on the carpet, scratches on SS refrigerator. Can I make her accountable for scratches on SS refrigerator?  Maybe someone can guide me to right area where has a list of what to consider wear & tear.  Thank you.
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The dispute of normal wear and tear is the subject of many security deposit court cases. Normal wear and tear includes deterioration of the premises that occurs during normal conditions. some examples may be scratches on a wall; carpet wear; faded paint and the like. As far as scratches on a refrigerator, it would depend on how extensive the damage is. Oftentimes, a judge will allow a charge for cleaning carpet but this isn't always the rule. If the black marks in the carpet are permanent stains, then you may be able to make charges for that. Be sure to take pictures and have accurate statements and receipts of cost of any repairable items that you deduct.
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