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How do I get rid of Squatters?

I moved out and let a friend stay ... (my place ,I own it) my friend(?) moved  a girl in without asking me...  he then  moved out but she is still there!  wont get out.  there has been drug dealings going on  (per my neighbors) they formed a  watch commitee ... have been taking pics of the cars and have brought it to the police.  nothing yet from the police.  what do I do?   I just got the pge out of my name .... they ran it up to $450.00 before I KNEW  it.  now she even broke into my mail box ..drilled out the lock...HELP!  in California... Concord,CA  (contra Costa County)  thanks ...

First and foremost, stay away form that friend. Is this squatter paying you rent? Have you contacted the police and filed reports about the mailbox and such?  There are many ways you could gowith this and a lawyer may be needed to help you go in the right direction with this.  You can terminate (end) a month-to-month tenancy by properly serving a written 30-day notice on the tenant. Generally, a 30-day notice doesn't have to state the landlord's reason for ending the tenancy. If they do not leave, then you can proceed with eviction.  OR........A landlord can use a written 3-day notice (eviction notice) if the tenant has done any of the following:   Failed to pay the rent. Violated any provision of the lease or rental agreement. Materially damaged the rental property ("committed waste").  Substantially interfered with other tenants ("committed a nuisance").  Used the rental property for an unlawful purpose, such as selling illegal drugs.  After the 3 days, you can evict.
we  live in an housing authority apartment and i let my boyfriend move in after  i left him,and he came here from fl because he had nowhere else to go(it's a long story). we were getting along fine and then he started to lay around as i pay the bills, buy the food,clean the house etc.i have asked him to leave but he got a piece of mail and now he says that he does'nt have to go anywhere! i am so sick of him and just want him to go! how do i get rid of him without loosing our place for violating the renters lease(i didn't add him to it)? I thought about taking one for the team by letting him hit me,and then calling the police to have him removed then file an injuction, but i would have to choose a time when the kids aren't around to see.God knows i've learned my lesson, i just want out!
My tenant moved in May stating that it was only her which she signed her lease. Three months later my wife received a call from the tenant's spouse stating that he locked the keys inside the unit and could she come let him in. Come to find out that she lied and he was there since day one.  I gave them a rent increase to either pay or move out. By the first of the next month, if they do not agree to the rent increase, which rent is due on the first. Do we give them their refund of her deposit or do they forfeit the deposit due to violation of the lease agreement.   I know if we do not receive the rent on the first, I will give them a 3-day notice to pay or get out.  But I was wondering about their Deposit, how do we handle that?
Their deposit is for damages only - the fact that they were able to sneak in another person or animals or something else of the such is a breach in the lease and grounds for termination of the lease - not for using up their security deposit. When and if they leave you can go through the apartment to deduct damages - or most likely they will stay there for a while and you can then deduct for unpaid rent. Also, just to clarify - you're posting this on July 30th - hopefully you mean that you gave them a rent increase effective for September 1st (not August) as most states have laws that you need to give at least 30 days (1 month) notice before a rent increase can take affect.
My tenants have been late on rent on more than 3 occcasions.  I have sent her and her husband a "demand for payment," and her rent for this month is due on the 12th.  Since she has violated her lease, can I evict her without giving prior notices?  I really do not want them as tenants anymore but am I required to give her notices before I give her the opt to evict.  What is the difference between a, "notice to pay rent or quit," and the, "eviction letter?"  Please help.  Thank you.
My property has no mortgage and has been vacant for 1 year (squatters rights in GA is 7 for a house, 20 for land).  I have decided to place a tenant in the property but apparently a family has taken up residence - going as far as having utilities placed in their names.   They refuse to move out.  They have managed to create an "unworkable" deed for the property which the courts do not recognize, but is a very useful tool when the police come out to ask them to leave.  I don't want to go through the court which could be long drawn out, although I will if I have to.
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