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Carpet Damages and Other Charges in NY

I had a tenant who broke his lease 5 months early. I had to replace a carpet in one of my units that was beyond repair. I purchased a new carpet and charged the tenant for the cost. The tenant is now disputing that I can only charge him the depreciated value of the carpet and it has to be based off of the old carpet. The old carpet had about 2 years life expectancy left, so he would pay next to nothing. Is that the law?  He also insists that I have to provide him proof or a written statement that his unit was not rented nor did I allow any contractors to stay in the unit during any of the same period that I am charging him for. Is he correct?  I would appreciate any type of insight on this. Thank you.
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Basically, it is up to the judge. If he has caused damage beyond normal wear and tear than you should be able to charge him the cost. I have never heard of having to provide written proof or this written statement of re-renting. But it is up to the landlord to mitigate damages, which mean that you have to do everyhting within your power to re-rent the unit.
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