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Cleaning charges

I am in Pennsylvania and have a question about cleaning charges. We don't hire professionals to clean, but do the cleaning ourselves when necessary after tenant moves out. How much am I allowed to charge per hour for my work? (I'm going to take this out of the security deposit.)

There are no written regulations on this. In my experience $25 per hour seemed to be the norm. Don't forget to take pictures of the unclean conditions.
I didn't think you could pay yourself from the security deposit.  Is this true?
The security deposit is meant for any charge used for any damage above normal wear and tear. The landlord must have data suchh as pictures, receipts and what not and then follow the procedures for Pennsylvania for the security deposit return. Usually this includes a statement of account as to what was deducted with copies of receipts, if applicable. A tenant always has the right to fight the deductions. In PA I believe the landlord has 30 days to return the full security deposit/partial with statement or none with a statement.
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