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Tenant parking truck on Septic Field

My tenants park their truck on the grass at front yard, they have four cars and they use the 1 car garage for storage. I told them that there are septic pipes under the front yard, parking the truck there may cause damage to the pipes. The said the truck is dead, they can't move it, also there is no space to park it. they said they have 4 cars on Application. I'm thinking to call toss their truck, but not sure. Their lease will be ends at next May.

Does the Lease specify that parking is permitted on the lawn? It seems to me that even if they said they have 4 cars, as long as you didn't promise within a lease or verbally that you would provide parking for all of the cars, then that is not within your responsiblity. Parking on the grass not only ruins the lawn but you aid it also poses a threat to the septic system. Give them a notice with a specified time to remove the truck. If they do not remove it, give them a second notice explaining that if they do not move the truck, you will have it towed at their expense. Send these notices regualr mail AND certified, return receipt requested. You can also post a notice on the truc itself for extra insurance. I thinnk you may be surprised at how fast the truck will be moved. DO not argue with them either. Keep to the facts and be monotone and just keep saying the truck needs to be removed. You have been warned. Good luck!
Thank you, Denis. I will do as you suggested. the septic tank is very costy.
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