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tenant has 2kids,pets and ex that are on lease.

tenant moved in on Aug16th neighbors told me that he moved the ex, 2 kids and 2 extra pets in the same time. He told me on Sept 27th that he was just helping her out,now i find out from neighbor that the kids are in rolled min the school out here. Can i give him a violation notice? can i get this lady and her kids out with out problems?Julie Wa
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Does you lease specify the number of occupants permitted? If it does, then by all means, you can send your tenant a violation notice of unauthorized person(s) and pet(s). The thing is if they are paying their rent on time and not causing any problems or extra cost; and you are in an area where tenants are hard to find, you may instead want to work out something like re-creating another lease to include the extra's, increase the rent or security deposit to cover from any damage. Consider extra rent for the pets as they may do damage as well.
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