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Late payments, month to montrh lease

Can I ammend a lease and add late fees or request biweekly payments or even weekly payments if the tenant is constantly paying late and a little at a time?

If the tenant agrees to amend. you may want to put it to him in such a way "Look, I want to assist you so that you do not get behind, so I would like you to sign a bi-weekly payment schedule to be made part of the lease. Will you sign?"
Tenant moved in on the 22 of oct. 08 I charged him $200.00 for the remaining of the month. We agreed to start his lease on Nov.1 08 in trusting his word I allowed him to move in. When the first came he made excuses for not being able to pay his deposite and first months rent. He made a payment for his deposite on the 9th of Nov. 08 and still owes for the rent. Can I evit him after the balance or do I evite him now and he still owes for the rent.
In Hawaii, the landlord may demand payment of rent anytime after it's due by notifying the tenant in writing, stating that unless payment is made within 5 business days, the rental agreement will be terminated.   NOTE: If the tenant does not pay the past-due rent in full after receiving the landlord's notice, the landlord may file to evict the tenant.  I think I would give notice and start eviction. It seems to me that this tenant may end up being a problem for you.
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